​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4-Mation is an interactive 3D Zoetrope kit available in range of models. It’s powered by 24 RGB LED strobes with 3 watts per channel for each of red green and blue. That totals – 216 watts of LED brightness! on for less than 1 millisecond per strobe, all precision timed by a micro-controller (the ESP8266) linked to an encoder motor. That amount of illumination allows for a clear animation effect even in fairly well lit conditions.

We call it the “Interactive 3D Zoetrope” because the carousel speed (and hence animation speed and strobe rate), LED brightness (strobe duration), and LED colour are all controlled from a phone app, and a multifunction touch button. This allows people to participate in the magic that’s happening in front of them. The Android app beta (4-Mation) is already in the play store, the iPhone app will come after a successful kickstarter.

The model range includes :

  • Super DIY, everything except the frame and animation. So you get eletronics, motor, power, cabling, carousel kit (including your choice of 2D printed carousel cover to match one of our 3D animations), and you download the CAD files to cut your own frame and print your own animation.
  • Laser cut plywood frame without animation, same as above, but including a mostly pre-assembled laser cut frame.
  • Machined walnut (or oak or cherry) frame kit (again, mostly pre-assembled) with lego compatible carousel kit, no lego included. Build your own custom animations with your favourite plastic bricks and mini-figures.
  • Walnut kit with resin cast frog animation kit: coloured but unpainted resin cast frogs almost ready to glue on to the carousel, you only need to paint the eyes. Carousel kit includes a printed cover with character positions marked for gluing.
  • Walnut kit, with limited edition completed fish animation exactly as seen in the videos. Unpack your hand-painted fully assembled fish animation and plug it into your machine just like a vinyl record.

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4-Mation is an N7Tech product – see “About Us” for more details on N7Tech.