Models and Pricing

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Prices in $US. Payment by card on Paypal invoice (what’s a paypal invoice?). Shipping Worldwide by DHL Express.

Zoetrope machine kits include everything except the animation and take < 10 minutes to assemble. Free pre-supported 3D print files for our animations at Cults3D and Thingiverse. If you don’t have a 3D printer add a Box-of-Frogs to any kit.

Besides discerning collectors, 4-Mation Exhibits are perfect for Illusion Museums. The App (iOS and Android) includes kiosk functionality, and an optional auto start/stop motion sensor that starts the machine on movement within 18ft. On motion timeout (eg 3 minutes), it resets the app controls and stops the machine.

Models and Prices

  • Turntable Kit $325 As seen here Bone Urchin and here Tetras For use with an external turntable like a record player running at 78 rpm. 3 speed record players can be found brand new and cheap on ebay.
  • Walnut kit  $805 As seen here Walnut kit with optional Box-of-Frogs but without the box of frogs.
  • Baltic Birch Plywood kit  $545 same as the walnut kit, but in machined Baltic Birch plywood (unvarnished) with clear laser-cut acrylic frame bars.
  • Box-of-frogs $350 If you don’t have a 3D printer, add a set of frogs and lilies to any of the kits. Pigmented bright green unpainted frogs and white lilies ready to glue on to the animation carousel, just paint the eyes.
  • Fish-Platter (supports still attached) $325 If you don’t have a 3D printer and prefer Fish to Frogs. I’ll print you a fresh set of Fish with the supports left on. You’ll need to remove the supports before painting. Fish has many delicate features, and the support rafts make it simple to ship them safely.
  • 4-Mation Exhibits Frogs $2015 Fish $4600 Ready-for-display machine with finished hand painted animation, exactly as shown in videos. Optional motion detection sensor for auto start/stop in public displays.

All models feature massive 216 Watts of LED strobes, no need for a dark room
4 broad, custom LED panels in a quad over the animation. Each panel comprises 6 RGB LEDs of 9 Watts each. The control board includes 4 extra powerful Japanese capacitors (680uF each) and the power supply is a beefy 2.5A @ 24V (5A for Exhibits), providing the LEDs with enough juice-on-demand to make the animation work well in shade, or moderate ambient light. No need for a dark room!

Kit unboxing and time-lapse assembly this is an unboxing video of a Walnut kit with the optional Box of Frogs, unboxing & timelapse frame assembly also shows time-lapse assembly of the zoetrope machine.

STLs and pre-supported Lychee animation print file downloads Pre-supported Lychee files are free to download at Cults3D and bare STLS at Thingiverse 

Power Supplies are universal voltage and work around the world. Plugs are supplied as US, EU or UK depending on your location. US plugs are the default, so outside those locations you’ll need a US plug adaptor or a PC monitor power cable with your local plug.

Shipping costs
All shipping is DHL Express. Shipping cost to mainland USA for Turntable kit is $40, for Walnut and Birch kits it’s $50, and Exhibits are $150. Shipping cost to other destinations when you order.

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