A new spin on an old idea Before film, the Victorians had Zoetropes; the original GIFs. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​3D Zoetropes update the concept for the age of 3D printing. 4-Mation is an interactive 3D Zoetrope with uniquely smooth animations, available in a range of models from the ready-for-display Exhibits, to DIY kits.

Let there be LIGHT! 4-Mation is powered by 216 watts of LED brightness. Brighter is better since the strobes are just 1/2 a millisecond, but with its powerful LEDs positioned at 4 points above the carousel, the animations are clear without the need for a darkened room.

Control the Magic! 4-Mation is the worlds first Interactive 3D Zoetrope; you can change the animation speed, strobe timing, LED brightness, and LED colour in the App on iOS or Android. Direct the magic happening in front of you, and turn wonder into understanding.

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STL, DXF Downloads Nearly all the CAD files for the animations and for other components, including the Turntable kit laser-ply frame. Latest files are free to download at Cults3D and older files at Thingiverse. Everything will eventually be on Cults3D, follow me there for new animations, components, and updates.

Kit unboxing and time-lapse assembly this is an unboxing video of a Walnut kit with the optional Frogs animation set, unboxing & timelapse frame assembly also shows time-lapse assembly of the zoetrope machine.


  • 4-Mation Exhibit  Ready-for-display machine with your choice of animation, exactly as shown in the videos.
  • Box-of-frogs kit  Walnut kit, plus frogs animation kit. Pigmented, unpainted frogs ready to glue on to the carousel, just paint the eyes. Like all Kit models, includes a colour printed animation base sheet with character positions marked for gluing.
  • Walnut kit  machined walnut frame, finished in Osmo wax-oil, with preinstalled electronics. Stainless steel frame bars and brass nuts. Universal power supply. Carousel kit with your choice of animation base sheet. Integrated motor with silicone sound dampers. Everything you need to make a 3D zoetrope except the 3D printed characters. Download one of our designs free and print it yourself!
  • Baltic Birch Plywood kit  all features of the walnut kit, but in machined Baltic Birch plywood (unvarnished) with laser-cut acrylic frame bars.
  • Turntable Kit Laser cut plywood frame, carousel kit, electronics and power supply. Includes free download of the “Tetras” animation on Cults3D. For use with an external turntable like a record player running at 78 rpm.

4-Mation is an N7Tech product – see “About Us” for more details on N7Tech.