Videos & Instructions

Showcase videos

The animations are longer than the loop! with new Snowflakes animation

Fish Short with new colour scheme: new Fish Colours

Creepy Halloween animation on record turntable : The Bone Urchin
Abstract geometric animation on record turntable : with Patt Boone on a 78 from the 50s!
Frogs Version 2: frogs jump forever
All the animations : and Ana’s first reaction
3 seconds of animation inside a 1 second loop !? : Animation Multiplexing
Reactions : Reactions to 4-Mation supercut
How a 3D Zoetrope works : frame by frame
Local school kids react to our animations: Kids React – Needs SOUND !
Art Insider youtube did a piece on us : artinsider
Maker Faire Denver by Make Magazine : spontaneous interview

Instruction Videos (assembly, the app, etc…)

Unboxing a Walnut kit with an included set of Frogs and Lilies – with frame assembly :
Assembling the base level Turntable Kit :
Assembling and painting the Tetras Animation :  making Tetras
Assembling a walnut kit (rough edit):
Assembling a Birch plywood kit (rough edit):
Assembling a Lego compatible carousel:
Gluing up a carousel with the 2D cover: and version 2 of same video:
How to separate 3D printed frogs from supports: This is The Way
How to separate 3D printed fish from supports: Look Ma – no tools!
Suggested painting scheme for kits with pre-printed frogs:
Assembling a painted animation with 1/2 hour epoxy:
4-Mation App on iOS: Basic iOS app functions + new fineFPS function. [download]
Closer look at 4-Mation App functions on Android feature showcase and user manual : All about the App [download]
Demonstrating the Strobe On/Off button:
Unpacking the 4-Mation Exhibit, and inserting the animation: Unbox/Setup the Exhibit 
Public Venue Display Case – assembly and destruction test: Indestructible Polycarbonate Display Case
More videos coming – so subscribe to our youtube!