Art Insider youtube did a piece on us : artinsider
All the animations, and Ana reacts : Latest Fish, Frogs, Lego, and Snakes
Mystery of The Pyramids : Black Snake White Stone
Frogs : frogs jump forever to Zabriskie’s Heliograph
Original Fish (lots subtle improvements since then) : He’s behind you!!

3 seconds of animation inside a 1 second loop !? : Animation Multiplexing
Reactions : Reactions to 4-Mation supercut
Crash test dummy fish : Animation Packaging Drop Test
How a 3D Zoetrope works; using a Sony F55 to catch the strobes : Global Shutter baby! yeeaahhh!
Local school kids react to our animations: Kids React – Needs SOUND !
Maker Faire Denver by Make Magazine : Fish and Frogs with bumbling explanation by your All Around Nerd

Instruction Videos (assembly, the app, etc…)

[download links in brackets if you can’t access youtube.]

Assembling a walnut kit (rough edit):

Gluing up a carousel with the 2D cover:

4-Mation App on iOS: Basic iOS app functions + new fineFPS function. [download]

Closer look at 4-Mation App functions on Android – feature showcase and user manual : All about the App [download]

Unpacking the 4-Mation Exhibit, and inserting the animation: Unbox/Setup the Exhibit  [download]

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