3D Print Files

All 3D Printed Zoetrope animations start with STLs (or OBJs), but for resin prints, pre-supported files are what you want. The Tetras and Snakes & Pyramids animations were designed to be printable on a filament printer (FDM), but Fish and Frogs need a resin printer (SLA, MSLA) and the pre-supported Lychee files are “print & play”. The BoneUrchin might be printable on a filament printer – although the smallest and almost-hidden inner core fingers will almost certainly not print on FDM.

Universally Compatible pre-supported files via Lychee STL Export Note, if you prefer a different slicer, or you’re in a closed system, the free version of Lychee slicer allows you export the pre-supported files as STLs including the supports, so you can use any slicer you like, even Formlabs Preform.

Bare STLs on Thingiverse

Pre-supported Lychee files on Cults3D